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Knowledge Bank > Implementing “Patient‐Centered Care”: A Revolutionary Change in Health Care Delivery

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Implementing “Patient‐Centered Care”: A Revolutionary Change in Health Care Delivery

Implementation of the person-focused, evidence-based principles encompassed in PCC has been particularly challenging in the context of the current U.S. healthcare system. New value-based payment mechanisms provide geriatricians with opportunities to serve as quarterbacks of multidisciplinary teams and operationalize principles of PCC by providing incentives and time for discussions with older adults and their families. Tools are increasingly available to assist providers in this process. For example, the ePrognosis website provides simple methods of calculating life expectancy that estimate time to benefit from common interventions for several chronic illnesses and video clips that demonstrate goals-of-care discussions. The Prepare for Your Care website and several others provide guidance and tools for decision-making in complex individuals nearing the end of life. We strongly encourage research to test innovative strategies to further our ability to implement PCC in practice and go beyond the slogan to effect real care delivery change.