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Knowledge Bank > Person-Centered Care and Physical Therapy: A “People-Like-Me” Approach

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Person-Centered Care and Physical Therapy: A “People-Like-Me” Approach

In health care, “person centeredness” is a valued (though nebulous) concept. In physical therapy, clinical interactions often strive to be person-centered, for example, by focusing on participation and valuing patient empowerment. However, the available evidence has mostly been constructed around populations (or study samples) rather than individuals. In this perspective, an alternative evidence framework is described, constructed around measurements in routine practice. Specifically, the authors propose developing “people-like-me” reference charts, generated with historical outcomes data, to provide real-time information on an individual’s status relative to similar people. The authors present an example of how this could work using their experience with people rehabilitating after total knee arthroplasty.